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A Failing Criminal Justice System

 Posted on  July 1, 2012  by Branch Manager

Craig DeRoche, a former member of the Michigan Legislature, is the director of external affairs at Justice Fellowship, the advocacy arm of Prison Fellowship, a Christian ministry. The criminal justice system in America was created to keep communities safe, to … Continue reading

Juvenile Crimes On the Rise

 Posted on  June 16, 2012  by Branch Manager

Chief expects crime to rise Eugene officials say reductions in jail space from a loss of federal funds will affect law enforcement efforts BY EDWARD RUSSO The Register-Guard Appeared in print: Friday, Feb. 10, 2012, page A1 Eugene Police Chief … Continue reading

Home Invasion Crimes

 Posted on  April 12, 2012  by Branch Manager

A New Haven Connecticut tragic home invasion attack left a father beaten and his entire family dead. He was the only surviving witness to the brutal rapes and murders of his wife and two daughters. Cases of this type to … Continue reading

Hey Officer, can I get a bag of weed?

 Posted on  April 12, 2012  by Branch Manager

Apparently two Montana teenagers were in desperate need of more weed and texted their buddy up for some more. But the fates were pretty funny that day and somehow they ended up texting a local sheriff instead. At first the … Continue reading

Life Imitates TV?

 Posted on  April 12, 2012  by Branch Manager

Dexter is one of my favorite shows on Showtime and has been popular for quite some time; which was why I was surprised to hear of a news report stating that a 17 year old in Cincinnati killed his 10 … Continue reading