Consider partnering with a trustworthy nonprofit cause like Justice Way. The key benefit of being a partnership with us is that your organization will be helping serve the communities where your consumers and workers live and conduct their daily business. This affects the local environment as we grow and help develop safer communities through our special programs and services.

To learn more about becoming a partner with Justice Way, simply send us an e-mail to our Partnerships Manager Partners for Justice Way.

Justice Way Partners support the following:

Youth services designed to correct negative behavior and encourage good development among young people.

Job training outreach and employment placement assistance structured to assist people with earning an income in a changing world economy.

Education programs that are focused on helping people complete their schooling.

Family and adult services that enrich the lives of participants.

Rehabilitation services that tackle on of our nation’s biggest problems – substance abuse.

Community improvement such as neighborhood beautification and events.

Emergency response and preparedness for disasters or specific emergencies, including coordinated search and rescue or handling other critical cases.

Justice advocacy in support of reform and response to select issues, plus supporting police crime control efforts.

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