Goodwill PSAs

The Public Relations Department is the Justice Way means of distributing mass media. Communications specialists of Justice Way produce and disseminate public service announcements and community, or law enforcement media in support of public safety, training and informational awareness. We discourage crimes such as drinking and driving, illegal drug use, violence, truancy, terrorism, identity theft and more.

Our creative writing and technical crews utilize the consultations and reports generated by the Justice Way expert panel. At that point we develop program content and media materials that will increase awareness, provide professional and certified training, and help to influence positive changes.

We intend to reach a wide national audience and to have outcomes that will be well-regarded and ever expanding. The directors of Justice Way will appoint managing staff who will be responsible for organizing and running individual public relations and various training media programs, documentaries, and other publications. The Public Relations Department relies partly on voluntary participation, including skilled labor and talent for the opening phase of project research, design, development, and full-scale public relations operations. The powerful reach of public relations is essential to increase support and awareness for the Justice Way program. It is essential that we devote substantial time and effort on PR.

Monitoring Results

Monitoring and evaluating the Broadcast Department program allows oversight of the effectiveness of our public relations campaigns and training media. The Justice Way managing staff will review the Broadcast Department program and all related reports that have been entered into activity logs, incident reports, and evaluation reports, along with published materials in all available formats. If a program is shown to be very effective, they may call for an expansion/duplication of it so that more people may benefit — especially considering the wide scale reach of mass media.

To assess the effectiveness of the programming, data will be collected from the project committee, during and after its implementation. The data will include important information that will help managing staff to evaluate the overall management of the program and the results obtained. Are we effective at getting the message out? All information will be used to revise and improve policies and procedures related to the program implementation and field operations.

Effective mass communications will help bring Justice Way into the spotlight as a national public service program for a good cause. The effective use of media arts will help us draw the attention we require in order to raise awareness and generate much needed support for the long-term.

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