Justice Works

Justice Works provides job search and placement resources. The Justice Works Neighborhood Employment Program helps disconnected adolescents and adults find stability and self-worth through a solid introduction to the world of making an honest living through work.

Justice Works expects to serve approximately 69-100 youth or more per center each year in two, approximately 16-week cycles. Participants are drawn from local schools and other institutions within the district. Participants receive a four-month paid internship with a Justice Works mentor.

Other benefits include:

  • Outreach and assessment.
  • Intense career and job readiness training.
  • A monthly mentor support group.
  • Ongoing job support/assistance for program graduates.

The JWDC staff will be trained to help intake participants for Justice Works utilize the Development Center resources in a beneficial way. This will be a planned system that will unfold in phases that follow participants from job seeking to gainful employment options.

The impact and outcomes: Human resources and career development strategies are essential for adults to become self-sufficient, or to remain financially independent. Job-hunting, especially in today’s climate, can be very tough and frustrating. Our trained staff will help participants face the challenges and win. We strive to reduce their time of being unemployed, minimize their stress and struggles of the process, and to soon become a financially independent and vital member of the community.

The Directors of JWDC will appoint managing staff that will be responsible for organizing and running Justice Works programs. The JWDC managing staff will review the Justice Works programs and all related reports that have been entered into activity logs, incident reports, and evaluation reports.
It is important to our service of the community goals that Justice Works maintains ideal grounds for participants to find employment, or to another means of lawful enterprise to make a living.

The staff’s assessment may be that a program lacks sufficient impact over a sustained period and thus may cause them to advise the cutting of ineffective portions of programs. The main question that will be asked is: Are people getting jobs and the related support that they require for advancement?

A thorough and comprehensive management staff evaluation will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of how effective the Justice Works program is. Likewise, this will help us discover areas not addressed in the original planning, and will provide guidance necessary to improve the program and to duplicate our successful programs.

Our alignment with community and state run work placement assistance organizations and staffing personnel will provide us with enough resources to run the program and maintain a helpful employment and prep service for those in need.

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