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The Pacific Ocean has enticing beautiful water that is clear and deep and blue. We are inspired by the majesty of the high seas in all of the beauty that brings us hope. What the Pacific Hopes program does is that it makes available short, intermediate and long-term substance abuse and basic health/mental care services for adults, families, women and children. Pacific Hopes helps people affected by chemical dependency and related conditions to achieve a better quality of life and to sustain that quality of life

Recovery is accomplished through comprehensive treatment and prevention methods guided by a philosophy of mutual concern and responsibility. The Pacific Hopes Program also conducts research and educates the community on the causes, treatment and prevention of addictions, mental illness and related conditions.

In consideration of all social factors, Pacific Hopes offers counseling for substance abuse users and assists them with their recovery on an ongoing basis. Pacific Hopes aims to be among the best programs for the continued recovery of those affected by alcohol and other drug addiction.

By devoting ourselves to our staff, volunteers, clients, and programs, we are making a commitment to achieving our mission to people’s recovery. The design of our services is to recover as many individuals as possible, with a high recovery ratio. For the community and for the families of those recovering, the results will be promising and hopeful that they can remain accountable and worthwhile members of society.

The Directors of JWDC will appoint managing staff who will be responsible for organizing and running individual rehabilitation programs. This staff will be monitored by, and report to JWDC Directors. The Goal is a maximized recovery ratio. The monitoring and evaluation of the Pacific Hopes program allows oversight of the daily operations. The JWDC managing staff will review the Pacific Hopes programs and all related reports that have been entered into activity logs, incident reports, and evaluation reports.

A consistent evaluation by JWDC will be made to track the ratio of participants who make a recovery from their addiction. Regressions of participants will also be tracked. Pacific Hopes prides itself in the maximization of effective recoveries. The staff’s assessment may be that a portion of the program lacks sufficient impact over a sustained period and thus may cause them to advise the cutting of ineffective portions. They may make suggestions for adding new elements to the program as well to make it better.

Our involvement with other successful rehabilitation organizations and experienced rehabilitation personnel will provide us with enough resources to run the program and maintain a helpful service for those in need of recovery.

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