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There are many instances in the United States where crime is elevated and law enforcement is reduced. For example, Michigan’s law enforcement agencies are faced with the challenges of an increased need to fight crime with 1,800 fewer officers than in 2001. Training budgets are also being cut on many departments.

New Law Enforcement Safety Challenges

Tragically, every 53 hours, a law enforcement officer is killed in the line of duty.

The intent of the National Police Association is to help reduce this staggering statistic through officer safety and awareness programs.
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Police Training Increases

To accomplish our goals, the Officer’s Assistance Project will promote:

  • Standard operating public safety training procedures, which would result in safer, more widely acceptable outcomes;
  • The importance of due diligence and thorough criminal case investigations;
  • The integrity and ethics of law enforcement officers

While police needs play a major role in the success of the nation’s law enforcement practices, there are multiple other factors to be considered when improving the methods of public safety.

Justice Way has a Public Relations Department that produces and disseminates various media in support of law enforcement officers.

Protective Vest and Equipment Fund

The National Police Association has established the vest fund in order to supply officers in need with new body armor and police equipment. This is for officers undergoing financial hardships, but still require safety while in the line of duty.

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