Multiple community-oriented programs are initiated at Justice Way to provide helpful services to disadvantaged individuals and families. Each year, statistics show that the number of people whose lives are affected by crime remains at a high rate across the U.S. Convicted criminals who serve time are often released and then commit more crimes in a viscous cycle that taxes our civic resources and leaves predators to just freely roam the streets.

As poverty increases and police budgets shrink, our services are needed more and more. It is our duty to provide children in the community with alternatives to crime, drugs, and violence. A headquarters for the Justice Way Development Center is being strategically planned.

The Justice Way Development Center will be used to help combat crime and provide direct resources for crime victims, or help them to get assistance for any needed, such as legal aid, police involvement, medical, mental, social, and spiritual guidance, along with providing them a place to go, find employment, or get outReach for other requests they may have.

The proposed center will be centrally positioned, making it an ideal location to Reach out to at-risk youth and discourage future transgressions already crime-plagued areas. Our caseworkers will be specially trained for drug rehabilitation and basic counseling methods. A social worker will be in charge of the caseworkers and will oversee all cases.

A fully functional center will help steer wayward youth from gangs, drugs, and other criminal activities; clearing their path to a brighter future.

In Downtown Los Angeles, CA, we are planning a 2-story; 40,000 square feet building that easily supports recreational and training rooms, classrooms, tactical mock-up areas for simulated training, storage space for donated items, supplies and equipment, and more. We intend to use both volunteers and contract workers to repair and build-out the center.

The Los Angeles community and police officers who are stationed nearby will benefit greatly from the center and what it has to offer. Justice Way needs your help to fund the construction and rehab of the center, as well as volunteering.

The following cities are the primary locations the National Police Association has slated to build Community Support Chapters.

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