Development Centers

The Justice Way Development Center is a grassroots project of the National Police Association. Justice Way comprises an expert panel under one roof. We periodically present key issues to discuss and debate amongst each other so that programs can be developed and tested before ever being launched.

We will accomplish the Justice Way Development Center goals as follows:

1. Establish a forum for the Justice Way National Panel of Experts
2. Open community centers and facilitate development programs for youth, adults, and families
3. Provide drug & alcohol abuse resistance advocacy and rehabilitation
4. Accommodate Police and Reserve Police Community Substations
5. Offer career guidance, education, training, counseling, job skills development, crime victim’s advocacy and assistance.
6. Conduct outreach, charitable giving, and increased awareness of public safety issues for community support.

For Justice Way to succeed, we cannot turn away people simply because we do not have room to accommodate them. Because of the increasing need for assistance, Justice Way has committed to acquiring an expanded facility so that we may fully serve the local needs of those impacted by crime, gang activity, graffiti, drugs, and truancy. By reaching out to the hearts and minds of at-risk youth and adults, we can make a difference.

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