Family Club

Our club development staff works at getting adults involved in positive activities and events at JWDC; providing counseling, recreation, therapy, and other developmental support and personal enrichment for people.

We will initially appeal to area families and individual adults through advertisement of our JWDC Club benefits. Once this has been achieved, we anticipate that word of mouth will bring in more people. They will be given an orientation and shown the sign-up process by a courteous staff member. They will know right away that JDWC is welcoming and caring.

Our staff will work and be trained exclusively to have a tremendous impact on Club participants. The purpose is to gain their trust so that the development process can be effective. The Directors of JWDC will appoint managing staff who will be responsible for organizing and running individual JDWC Club programs both on and off site.

The evaluation process will include a description of the various aspects of the program, documentation of the activities that the program has supported, and feedback from all participants. The thorough and comprehensive management staff evaluation will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of a specific program. Likewise, this will help us discover areas not addressed in the original planning, and will provide guidance necessary to improve the program and to duplicate our successful program model.

The background and interests of the managing staff members lends itself strongly toward involvement with JWDC. Each member is committed to bringing excellence to the organization and to do his or her part. Everyone is true to the cause and prepared to do what it takes to make a difference.

This ideology and firm dedication of Justice Way staff will give wings to the JWDC project and put the organization in flight for a long and wonderful trip. Everyone on board is eager to watch the lives of people we touch change for the better and to foster growth of the organization in order to widen the impact.

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