Q. What makes Justice Way different from other organizations that say they will improve neighborhoods and rescue youth?

A. This answer depends on which specific organization is being referenced. In general, what makes us different than most is that we have a support network from the Justice Way Panel of Experts. Having their support and guidance will be beneficial to our successfully making the desired changes. However, it is important to note that in every program, we do not necessarily need to “reinvent the wheel.”  There are other programs that do actually work and that we can also duplicate and help others duplicate.

Q. Should a citizen call Justice Way for crimes in progress or other emergencies?

A. In all emergency situations, citizens should definitely dial 911 first. For victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or other serious crimes, a person may contact us for secondary response. We are able to help victims and their families in most cases. Remember only to contact Justice Way soon after a report has been filed with the police department and any necessary medical aid has been rendered to the crime victim.

Q. What about community centers that already exist in most cities? Don’t they provide the same or very similar services?

A. Some cities and townships do provide similar services. However, their resources are also stretched thin. We will first look at existing programs in each town to decide, which ones may need more coverage, or which ones are adequately covered. Most times, all of our programs will be needed and welcomed in the local area. Any extra help is a step in the right direction.

Q. Is Justice Way doing what the police are supposed to be doing in the community?

A. No. It is a common misnomer that police departments are 100% responsible for crime control and overall community safety. In fact, the effort involves as many members of the community and volunteers as can be gathered.

What Justice Way does is help to assemble good local citizens for the cause. Another issue is that police departments are often understaffed and must be available for emergency calls for service. Their officer’s first priority is to handle these emergencies and remain on duty. Police budget shortfalls also restrict the types of extra services that departments can handle. Justice Way serves as a vital community enhancement.

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