Hey Officer, can I get a bag of weed?

 Posted on  April 12, 2012  by Branch Manager

Apparently two Montana teenagers were in desperate need of more weed and texted their buddy up for some more. But the fates were pretty funny that day and somehow they ended up texting a local sheriff instead.

At first the sheriff thought it was a joke but ended up responding and passing the correspondence off to a narcotics officer. The teens eventually met up the narcotics officer and were obviously in serious trouble; so much so that they turned white and their knees started wobbling.

Although the teens were on record for purchasing weed, they’re not going to face any charges. That’s all up to the parents. Hopefully their parents have the good sense to scare the kids more than the officers did after that. I know if my parents ever caught me doing stuff like that I would get much more than a stern lecture. I probably would’ve tried to hide anything in the house they could have used as a weapon.

It seems like kids these days aren’t getting the proper discipline that they need and just get a simple slap on the wrist when they miss-dial their drug dealer and end up calling a local police officer. It would be nice if this kind of incident happened more often too but I guess it goes to show that kids do stupid stuff like this all the time but they’re still kids.

I suppose we’ve all been there and have done stupid stuff in the past but that’s life and we learn from our experiences and grow into fine upstanding citizens soon after, but it would be nice if it was like that for everybody. Living and learning through incidents like these are enough for most Americans to live a life without crime but not so much for some other kids living in poorer and crime ridden neighborhoods.

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