If Casey Anthony Writes A Book, Will You Read It?

 Posted on  April 11, 2012  by Branch Manager

The article below brings a good point many Americans will be asking themselves if and when Casey Anthony releases a book or movie.

Casey Anthony has been a free woman for about a week now. And while no one seems to have any idea where she actually is—last we heard, she was reportedly getting reconstructive surgery done to alter her look, with her lawyers footing the bill—one thing is clear: she has the chance to be everywhere over the course of the next year or so.

There’s been talk about a movie based on her legal proceedings, a reality TV show about her life after the trial, and a host of other things that would allow her to cash in on her notoriety now she’s out of the slammer. But the most likely scenario right now sees Anthony writing a book at sometime in the near future about her life, her daughter Caylee’s life, and life as she knows it now that she’s being viewed as the woman who literally got away with murder.

Business-wise, it makes plenty of sense for her to go down this route. Anthony has been a hot topic for the last few weeks and it seems everyone wants to know more about how she’s coped with aftermath of her murder trial. They want to know how she wakes up and looks at herself in the mirror every day because, whether she actually committed the heinous crime she was accused of committing or not, she still has to deal with the fact that her only daughter is dead. They also want to know more about her relationship with her parents and get her reaction to the not guilty verdict that came back in her favor earlier this month.

But, regardless of how controversial Anthony is or how much people seem to want to know more about her, there’s still a question that needs to be asked: Would you read a book by Casey Anthony, if she decided to write it? It’s a question a lot of other business-minded folks are asking themselves right now, as they try and decide whether Anthony really deserves a reality TV show, a slew of interviews and other opportunities in light of how the trial played out.

People are obviously interested in her. But, at the same time, are they willing to spend their hard-earned money to line the pockets of a woman who clearly played some role in the death of her daughter? Do they have the patience to sit through a book about a woman they clearly despise? And, can they try and take a look at things from Casey Anthony’s point of view—or have they already decided they don’t care what she has to say?

For my money, I’m buying a book about someone who’s actually making a difference in the world, not someone who lucked out at the hands of a jury and is now going to try and make a quick buck off her 15 minutes of fame. I’m also not watching any reality TV shows starring Anthony, checking out any interviews with her, or paying any attention to her from here on out.

If you’ve put up a Facebook status railing her for her actions, sent out a tweet calling her trial a sham or said anything derogatory about her to anyone, I suggest you do the same. Because while she has the potential to be a millionaire thanks to the unfortunate death of Caylee, it’s only potential at this point. Her fame and fortune really depends on our interest in her, her case, and everything she wants to do with her life now that it’s over. We literally have her future in the palm of our hands.

And we can all start by not reading the book that we know she’s got coming sometime soon. Because she may have chance to be everywhere over the course of the next year or so…but only if we let her. And that’s the last thing that we want to do right now, right?

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