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The Justice Way National Panel debates issues facing the nation’s communities, including policing, recidivism, crime, juvenile delinquency, prison overcrowding, prison reform, mental illness and healthcare systems, judicial system, and court administration. The panel is comprised of government officials, legal professionals, law enforcement, and medical professionals:

1. Collaborate as a panel to freely exchange their ideas and insights culled from their extensive academia, learned life experiences and personal observations.

2. Participate in highly organized and controlled expert panel debate sessions regarding the principal matters.

3. Gather panel input, including their recommendations, voting results (if any), and contributions of summary reports.

The panel convenes with the Justice Way programs’ Board of Directors consulting on various programs and philosophies while generating the findings of their various panel discussions.

We recruit top qualified experts from around the country who have the acumen and enthusiasm to discuss and debate key topics of criminal justice system flaws. The National Panel of Experts are experienced in the day-to-day world of the criminal justice system in various capacities. They will thus offer their insights and ideas on what they feel are relevant ways to improve our criminal justice system nationwide and on a targeted local basis. The Justice Way will compile and publish the information.

This expert panel will provide oversight and guidance on every program that is set forth by both NPA and Justice Way  In all probability and with great ambition, this will allow us to form superior programs with highly effective national outcomes that we anticipate will be unprecedented.

The qualifications for panel experts include having xtensive knowledge of and direct experience with the criminal justice system; familiarity with the wider scope of community-based issues; practical understanding of design and implementation of charitable public service programs, particularly in interventions co-facilitated by male-female teams; experience in staff training and community development helpful; knowledge of the impact of violent assaults on youth victims/witnesses; experience in developing programs, policies and procedures; ability to deal effectively with denial/minimization of parental neglect; ability for constructive confrontation; excellent interpersonal and communication skills; excellent administrative and supervisory skills; computer proficiency an asset.

The monitoring and evaluation of the expert panel is a reciprocal process that allows for both oversight of the panel and of the Justice Way programs that are in operation. The NPA Board of Directors are tasked with assuring that only the best qualified experts are brought onto the panel and that only those who contribute valuably will remain on the panel. Likewise, the panel will review the programs of NPA and therefore make consultative decisions based upon the results that they see from the reports provided.

To assess the effectiveness of the program, data will be collected from the project committee, during and after its implementation. The data will include important information that will help NPA to evaluate the overall management of the program. The same information will be used to revise and improve procedures related to the program implementation.

The evaluation process will include a description of the various aspects of the program, documentation of the activities that the program has supported, and feedback from all participants.

The thorough and comprehensive panel evaluation will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of a specific program. Likewise, this will help us discover areas not addressed in the original planning, and will provide guidance necessary to improve the program and to duplicate our successful programs.

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