Program Goals

Most people understand the consequences of dropping out of high school. People who drop out tend to earn much lower than the average worker, suffer health consequences, lower standards of living, more likely to be unemployed, higher tendency to depend on government support.

Youth Programs

Every single school day, more than 7,200 kids, on average, drop out of high school—1.3 million each year. In many American cities, including Miami, Denver, Los Angeles, New York and Minneapolis, most public school students don’t graduate. In the City of Detroit, one of the worst cities for education, only a quarter of the student’s graduate high school. There is a great need to keep these children in school and learning.

JWDC provides youth education that is specially designed to help them succeed with nurturing classrooms and focused attention. We offer many activities, including ceramics, dance, art programs, athletic activities, a homework help program, youth summer jobs, and a leadership program.
Adult Education and Life Skills

Justice Way Development Center programs helps families build strong parenting skills, expands their vocational abilities, and provides them with positive community and cultural activities. We anticipate having approximately 30 adults a month attend monthly classes to learn how to keep and balance a checkbook, how to budget, and how to plan for purchasing cost-effective and nutritious groceries. JWDC will implement GED, and English and Spanish as a Second Language classes.
Health Programs

Justice Way Development Center plans to implement three health fairs, reaching hundreds of residents with services such as blood drives, health screenings, and immunizations. Study after study shows that American health is very poor at the present time and we need to lower the costs by improving our fitness. The JWDC health and fitness fairs will involve presenters that include the American Red Cross, CA Department of Health. We will have various physical fitness and sports programs targeted to reach hundreds of adults and youth every month.
U.S. Criminal Justice System Reform

Justice Way believes that continued efforts need to take place to help improve the American Criminal Justice System. That is why we developed the National Panel of Experts forum to study various issues. We will work toward making those changes and welcome all public input on the matter.

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