Justice Way provides youth education, mentoring, ceramics, dance, art programs, athletic activities, a homework help program, counseling, youth summer jobs, a leadership program and more.

By targeting young people up to 18 years of age, Justice Way places an emphasis on preventing and reducing the harmful impacts of alcohol and illicit drug use on young people in America. The mandate of the Justice Way Youth Club points to the need to build on the locality’s comprehensive range of services and foster the development and maintenance of networks at all levels of government, service delivery and grassroots groups.

Efforts will be made by the Justice Way staff at each chapter to enhance and coordinate the access to information and experience, best practices models and approaches, community input and advocating with a common voice for core funding and effective policies.

Justice Way firmly believes that all young people in America should have the opportunity to live their lives free from harmful impacts of alcohol and illicit drugs, abuse, crimes, and social isolation. The four pillars adopted by drug strateg ies around the world have been recognized as foundational for the work of Justice Way. The four pillars include: prevention, treatment, enforcement and harm reduction.

The Justice Way Youth Club is a call to action to communities. The common goal we have is to prevent and reduce the harmful impacts of criminal behavior on young people. At Justice Way, our staff knows that when we fail to get through, the child, teen or young adult we lose may never develop into a productive adult. The management staff of JWDC remains committed to finding ways to get through, utilizing all of our advanced resources, and personally touching those that join the club. Our staff is always hand-selected to meet this goal and must prove themselves as capable. It is our policy to ensure quality control standards and the sustainable growth of the Justice Way organization.

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