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The Youth Club is all about mentoring children and teens (some who are considered “at-risk”); providing counseling, recreation, and other developmental support, programs, and activities for their character development and progress.

The Youth Club targets all youth between the ages of 12 and 18-years-old. The program goals for the short-term are to create positive thinking through positive activities among street youth and mentors. The programs will be delivered utilizing a variety of strategies, including reading, sports, arts and crafts and other interactive activities. Fitness activities and recreation will be incorporated into each session. The Youth Club’s goal is to build communication with families and promote productive civic behavior concepts at home and in the classroom.

Our long-term Improve the odds of street youth to get off the streets, find more stable environments, and become employable. We proactively bring quality recreation, education, arts and crafts events, and team participation activities to the local youth.

The Youth Club is a strong component of what Justice Way is all about. Children, teens and young adults are vital to one day help solve community and national – even global issues. Youth are often very energetic and sometimes misguided as to what direction they should take. This younger generation needs guidance to show them a better path. What Justice Way Develop Center does is that staff members, as mentors and friends, join with the youth and provide them with the support they need to grow while engaging in positive activities.

We will continuously put maximum attention to the monitoring and evaluation process of this program. The staff’s assessment may be that a program, or a portion of a program, lacks sufficient impact over a sustained period and thus may cause them to advise the cutting of ineffective parts of the program in question.

The staff may alternatively suggest changes to a program. If a program is shown to be very effective, they may call for an expansion and duplication of it so that more people may benefit. To assess the effectiveness of the program, data will be collected from the project committee, during and after its implementation. The data will include important information that will help managing staff to evaluate the overall management of the program. The same information will be used to revise and improve procedures related to the program implementation.

The evaluation process will include a description of the various aspects of the program, documentation of the activities that the program has supported, and feedback from all participants. The thorough and comprehensive management staff evaluation will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of a specific program. Likewise, this will help us discover areas not addressed in the original planning, and will provide guidance necessary to improve the program and to duplicate our successful programs.

At Justice Way, our staff knows that when we fail to get through, the child, teen or young adult we lose may never develop into a productive adult. The management staff of JWDC remains committed to finding ways to get through, utilizing all of our advanced resources, and personally touching those that join the club. Our staff is always hand-selected to meet this goal and must prove themselves as capable. It is our policy to ensure quality control standards and the sustainable growth of the JWDC organization.

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